Extensive research underscores the profound consequences of poor indoor air quality (IAQ) on cognition and overall health. Sadly, it is those residing in underserved communities who bear the brunt of this issue, perpetuating a grievous injustice.

The most alarming facet of this crisis is its effect on our children's schooling. In underprivileged schools, our young learners are exposed to subpar indoor air quality and harmful pollutants that will influence their lives irrevocably.  Meanwhile, their peers in wealthier schools are shielded from such a detrimental environment.

Our mission is to ensure every child receives a good education and breathes quality air.


Does Your State Mandate Air Monitoring?

More and more states and localities are mandating air monitoring in schools.  Overture can help you stay up-to-date on local laws to ensure your school is compliant.

Your Indoor Air Quality Expert

Overture has developed a range of innovative solutions to monitor and promptly address IAQ issues in every classroom. I would be delighted to discuss our comprehensive plan at your convenience, shedding light on how we can make a real difference. I humbly invite you to join forces with us in tackling this pressing issue and ensuring that every child has clean, healthy air. Surely, we both can agree that a child's future should not be determined by the circumstances of their birth and the indoor air quality within their school walls.

Todd DeMonte

General Manager, Overture